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TELUS Health Student Support App

Students have 24/7/365 access to free and confidential mental health support, even during the summer. Aggies can text, call or video with professional counselors in multiple languages, learn about mental health and wellbeing, and more.

Group Counseling

Meet with University Health Services counselors in a group of 4-10 peers to explore relationships, practice skills and find support from fellow Aggies unpacking specific topics.

Individual Counseling

Meet one-on-one with a mental health provider on a regular, recurring or as-needed basis.

Quick Checks

Meet with a mental health provider for a 25-minute, one-time assessment of stress, anxiety or depression, to identify targeted interventions focused on individual needs. Discuss specific, solution-focused strategies empower change in your own mental health journey.


Explore opportunities to increase different skills and wellness habits to improve your mental health and wellbeing around topics related to depression, anxiety, difficult emotions, relationships and more.

The Counseling and Assessment Clinic (CAC) is a psychological service training clinic associated with the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M offering both therapy and assessment services for adults, adolescents and children. All CAC providers are trained to provide a variety of psychological services while under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist.

The Texas A&M Psychology Clinic is a not-for-profit training facility for the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Services offered include individual, family, couples and group therapy, psychological evaluations, consultations and more.